Augmented Reality Meets Art

April 21, 2018 futureproofinteractive

Augmented Reality Meets Art

Being a part of the Miami Mural Project has been quite an experience for me, and it’s all for such an important cause.

I was introduced to a high school teacher who teaches at Cushman High School in Miami. After recently graduation from M.I.T., she came to South Florida to create a movement to inspire our community to change the way we see our environment. She partnered up with The Cleo Institute, a non-profit organization centered around climate change education, and I met her at an artist meet-up in Wynwood one night. It was a gathering of people from all walks of life and talents in hopes of finding a team that could help bring something great to the city of Miami.

After figuring out the logistics, we found an amazing location on 2nd avenue near Wynwood to paint one of the largest murals in Miami. After about a week of painting with Odobo, my best friend Paul, we created the 1st mural in South Florida that was developed in conjunction with 3D software developers to make an augmented reality app that brings this painting to life. Once viewers scan the mural with their app enabled device they will begin to see a video that discusses the consequences of global warming. We want to show our viewers the potential outcome of what may come in the future if we fail to take care of our carbon emissions, and we want to inspire them to take action NOW!

Read the article from the Miami Herald for more info!

Inspiring social change at a grass roots level with art.

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